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Nostalgia Mystery Box - Common Mystery Box

Nostalgia Mystery Box - Common Mystery Box

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Product Description

Every Common Mystery Pack is guaranteed.
· 1 Vintage Common or Uncommon Pokémon Card
· 3 Sword and Shield Series or Scarlet and Violet Series Booster Packs
· 1 One Hit Wonder
· 1 Mystery Pack
· Poke Stickers

Mystery Pack odds
· 1:30 Vintage Pokémon Booster Pack
· 1:15 XY Series Booster Pack
· 1:5 Sun and Moon Series Booster Pack
· 1:100 God Pack containing all mystery packs above. 

Remaining Mystery Packs contain SWSH/SCVI packs. 

Vintage is considered to be Black and White series or older.


As per the nature of this style of Mystery Box there is no guarantee that you will receive the full cost back in contents value as there are chances to obtain very rare packs & cards which would increase the value substantially over the purchase price. 

Please review the above contents & rates before purchasing.

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