Mystic Moon
Mystic Moon

Mystic Moon

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Mystic Moon is starfruit and moonflower blend with added chamomile, mugwort & lavender. This is the stronger scent than our other candles. 

These homemade, hand poured candles are made with a coconut and soy wax blend. This combo sustains a long lasting and clean burn. Candles are fragranced with essential oils and herbs.

This is a 4oz candle. A candle care card will be sent with all candle purchases.

Metaphysical benefits of the added herbs:
Moonflower supports psychic abilities, lunar rituals, transformation and is a great asset to any altar or magical space. Chamomile is a great support for meditation, healing and good fortune. It's used for cleansing, astral travels and rituals. Mugwort is used for prophetic visions, astral travel and past life regressions. It's also known to provide wisdom, guidance and clarity. Typically used in a Psychic Tea, Mugwort is great for facing hard truths or using your intuition to discover hidden truths. Lavender is a relaxing and centering herb, great for meditation, balance and winding down. Mint is used to promote and attract love, both internally and externally. It's used to ward off negativity, stimulate energy and known as a protection herb.

Ritual Uses: Psychic and prophetic visions or dreams. Astral travel and divination work. Aids in purification, protection, or banishing spells.

Eco Friendly: The wax we use is made fully of renewable resources, which can't be said about most major brand candles. When possible, we recycle candle jars and for all 4oz candles we recycle baby food jars. Our wicks are made with 100% natural cotton fibers, with no added lead, then coated in a veggie dip. These are all natural candles with added dye.