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Tarot Reading

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Personal tarot readings encourage us to dive deeper into understanding ourselves and our experiences. They help us navigate challenges, decisions and assist us with finding solutions. All virtual tarot readings come with a personalized PDF download and a video recording of your reading for your keepsake. 

There are 8 types of readings available:
1) A specific question, or general reading 
2) Career reading
3) Relationship Reading
4) Law of Attraction spread
5) Past life reading
6) Get to Know Yourself
7) The Year Ahead
8) In depth general reading, or specific question 

1) Q&A, or General Reading (3-4 Cards)
Examples of questions you may ask:
What do I need to know most about my love life?
How can I move my career forward? What would my ideal career look like?
What's my life purpose? What're my strengths and weaknesses?
What should I do about the situation I'm in?
What's holding me back? What're my blockages?
What do I need to know about...?
Other options could be general readings on your love life, relationships, self, school, messages from spirit, advice, making decisions. If you're unsure of what to ask, just let me know that you simply feel called to receive a message.

2) Career Reading (5-6 Cards)
Having questions about your career? Whether it be challenges in the workplace, or your working towards a promotion - maybe you need guidance on what your ideal career would look like? With a career reading, we can dive deeper into bringing liberation and joy into this aspect of your life.

3) Relationship Reading (5-6 Cards)
This reading is good for anyone seeking a relationship, beginning a relationship, in a long term relationship, or even post break up. Assess you and your partners needs, while getting insight on your strengths and weaknesses as a couple.

4) Law of Attraction Spread (6 Cards)
Learn about the vibrations you're emitting, things that you need to be more open to receiving, what will come when you're open to those things, your next steps (or leap of faith), how you can manifest more successfully, and a message from your higher self/spirit/the Divine.

5) Past Life Reading (8 Cards)
Learn about your early years, education, occupation, social status, relationships, death, lessons learned, and how your past life impacts your present life.

6) Get to Know Yourself Reading (8 Cards)
Learn about what makes you unique, how to unlock your powers, creativity, compassion, prosperity, peace of mind, happiness, and how to unlock your greatest potential.

7) The Year Ahead (16 cards)
Take a look at what this next year has in store for you! In this spread we'll look at current, present and past influences that will follow you throughout this year. We'll look at dominant trends for each individual month, then wrap it all together to understand how you can best prepare and what to expect for your year ahead! This can be done anytime and great for birthday readings!

8) In depth reading (10+ cards)
This reading is for anyone who is looking to really dive deep into what's going on in their life. A more complex reading for complex situations. This can be about whatever you need more clarity on, or how to solve major life problems. 

Upon purchase, I'll ask that you provide me with your name, birthdate, contact info and some insight as to what you're hoping to get out of our tarot reading session. We'll then chat to schedule a time for your reading :) All virtual readings come with a PDF download of the reading, plus a video of me discussing the cards with you. These are for your keepsake, so that you can look back and continue to use your reading for as long as needed.